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Playing golf in Madrid implies so much more than just go to the golf course and play a couple of games, as a federated sport it must follow some etiquette and dress code rules.

The dress code is common with all Clubs with a certain status, its designed to ensure a respectable appearance for everyone. It also makes sure that you are comfortable at all times. Would you imagine playing tennis with a neoprene suit or skiing in bathing suit? I guess not. Then its not so surprising that in many golf courses they have a dress code.

This code must be informed by the golf courses, either in their web page or around their facilities. The common dress code is:

  • Shirts and blouses should have a collar.
  • Shirts for men should also have sleeves.
  • Shirtless dressing is not allowed on the course or in the clubhouse facilities.
  • Bermuda shorts are allowed on the course and in the Clubhouse facilities.
  • Track suits, T-shirts, beach clothes or jeans are not allowed. Only golf shoes with soft spikes are allowed.


Players are expected to always show consideration towards each other on the golf course and should moderate their voices and gestures at all times. Its not mandatory but it’s a way to all respect the game of each other.

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They don’t only have premium brands such us Callaway Golf, Honma, TaylorMade, Puma Golf, Wilson Staff but they will also do the fitting and you be counselled by their staff. You wont find a much more customized service than you will find in this store! There are two physical stores where you can hop by and check out the latest offers. We recommend the one that’s in Paseo de la Castellana (Paseo Castellana nº 268, 28046 Madrid, Spain) they’ve just reopened and as an extra value they have free parking for costumers only. Could it be more perfect?

It actually can. If you prefer to rent instead of actually buying the clubs we, Golf Booking Madrid can help you by handling that for you! Amongst other services. Just click on the link above and discover everything we can do for you.

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Madrid is still an unknown golf destination, so we want discover you 34 world renowned golf courses in Madrid, being the only European city with top notch golf courses near the city center. In a ratio of 15 to 50 km, you can find 25 courses designed by legends such as Severiano Ballesteros, Jack Nicklaus, Van Hagge, Olazabal among others. One of the main assets of the region, is the amazing climate with an average of 2.769 hours of sun per year which makes it possible to play golf throughout the season.