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Golf in Madrid

If you like golf city breaks, of course Madrid is your golf destination and if you want to really enjoy Madrid we propose you to take a break and go for a walking tour with our official guides of Madrid. The team of the professional guides of Golf booking Madrid, with more than 15 years of experience, will show you the most important monuments of the city, they will tell you why Madrid is the capital of Spain from the middle of the sixteen century and also they will discover you many secrets of the city: old churches transformed in elegant restaurants, the curious and friendly terraces and the Skyline of the city, or the Napoleon wine cellars, one of secret of Madrid where you will unearth a new gourmet experience.



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madrid Golf

Madrid Golf Courses Association has been presented as first time at The Helsinki Golf Fair 2017.

Finnish golf players who assisted to the show are now more familiar with the Golf in Madrid and really welcome to play the golf courses of Madrid Golf Courses Association.



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Golf in Madrid

After playing some golf in Madrid’s magnificent golf courses you might have some spare time to spend visiting the city. As we’ve describe it several times, Madrid is a really interesting city full of things to entertain yourselves with. It has an extended cultural and artistic heritage in every corner of its city center.

Madrid combines perfectly its historical architecture with the most modern facilities. But walking around the city turns out to be really tiring, even more after being all morning playing golf. Its not as big as other European cities but its wide variety of things to enjoy makes it really hard to visit them in an afternoon or even in a whole weekend.



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Play golf in Madrid

400 years after their death both Shakespeare and Cervantes are still the most important writers in the history of our continent. They are well-know, considered both the writers of both the greatest literary masterpieces. Cervantes most important piece was ‘Don Quixote’, but he also wrote ‘The Labors of Persiles and Sigismunda’, ‘La Galatea’, ‘Journey to Parnassus’ and one of his last piece ‘Exemplary Novels’.



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Almodovar Tour5

We are sure that when you are visiting Madrid to play Golf,  many of you are fans of Spanish Filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar. If you have the opportunity to organize this city tour in your golf trip to Madrid, we recommend to make the Pedro Almodóvar tour in the capital of Spain. We imagine that you don´t know that many scenes of his films have been filmed in Madrid.