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I am Mónica Díaz Vecino and I have the great fortune of representing Casa de Campo in Europe since 2015, through my company Global Hemisphere.

My job is to drive visibility and sales in this continent among travelling golfers.

I am passionate about the Dominican Republic and especially Casa de Campo. A destination unlike any other you may have visited for a golf trip.

I started this website as an informative site, aimed at clients who want to know more about the golf packages and detail their resort inclusions. Over time, it has grown due to the continued frequent questions about Casa de Campo and how to travel to the Dominican Republic.

All the information you find on this website can be supplemented with the official Casa de Campo Resort&Villas website.

I will be happy to help you with your golf reservations and anything else you need to make your stay at the resort truly unforgettable.

Mónica Díaz Vecino

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