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There is lot of things to do by yourself, in couple, in family or friends, even play golf in madrid courses near city center as Centro Nacional de Golf. But also you can enjoy different experiences in couple that are going to make a special day after play golf in Madrid.



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golf madrid

Play golf in Madrid isn’t the only thing you can do, and after a tournament of golf Madrid, why not continue with the experiences that offers Madrid in the nights?

Then, here comes top 10  amazing restaurants in Madrid City Center that you can visit after a Madrid golf courses, and you should go, to increase the experience of golfing Madrid offers.



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Madrid Madrid golf is nowadays one of the most demanded places to play golf by travelers of the whole world. Its climate, its landscape and its environment make it a perfect place for leisure 24 hours a day. 

Thanks to a rich and varied offer in all artistic fields, in sports, shows or gastronomy make it one of the most attractive European cities for tourism. It is necessary to emphasize the new golf offer with more than 18 golf courses close to the city and that make Madrid a new golf destination. Madrid golf



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madrid Golf

Madrid Golf Courses Association has been presented as first time at The Helsinki Golf Fair 2017.

Finnish golf players who assisted to the show are now more familiar with the Golf in Madrid and really welcome to play the golf courses of Madrid Golf Courses Association.



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Golf in Madrid

When you come to play golf in Madrid, you can stay and enjoy the most exquisite cuisine and the most avant-garde author cocktail at the NH Casa Suecia Hotel.

The old Casa Suecia recovers its golden splendor but, unlike those who modernize putting their goal in the vanguard, this hotel returns to its best time, of the 50`s, when Hemingway flew his pen in his rooms and showed his passion for the Daiquiris at the bar. Go back, then, to appreciate the special of this place for the history that has lived and today manifests in every corner. The strong point of the renovated NH Collection Hotel Sweden? Gastronomy and cocktails served in four spaces, each more special.

Let`s start the route step by step. On entering, there is a spectacular lobby presided over by a huge bar, lamps, carpets and plants in their huge windows, which tells us one important thing: the gastronomic spaces of this hotel are not reserved exclusively for the guests, they are open to all. In this first area we can have breakfast or take some tapas in a bar that never closes their kitchen service, no matter what time it is. Over this area is the Casa Suecia restaurant, a cozy, retro-looking place with the Michelin Star award of Carlos Tejedor in the stoves. In the menu we can find dishes such as the polar coca with aroma of garlic and herbs with beef jerky and arugula, the wood-style salmon with fennel salad and the onion soup with Idiazábal cheese bread, three proposals that triumph on their tables. Inside this restaurant there are more tributes to the writer, because it has an area separated from the rest by a bookcase full of literary works. We continue to climb to the top of the hotel. Its terrace has a 360o view of Madrid and it is one of the most spectacular in the city . Its bar is served by the renowned Adrian Sehov’s signature cocktail, which reinvents classics such as Old Fashions, here Old Fashions XO, and Mojito, here with Creole surname, among many others.

Golf in Madrid

The real surprise is downstairs when you go from the lobby to the bathroom. In those retro- looking toilets there are several doors alike but, at the end, one is different, it is sliding, not so old. When you open it you reach a clandestine private club anchored several decades ago: the Hemingway bar. A leopard carpet covers the whole place and the red velvet of the armchairs is the perfect companion for the main character: the bar. The bar is supported by a wood rich in decorations and history, from an 18th century church, and is escorted by a collection of distilled drinks. There the bartenders practice their alchemy with cocktails like the aforementioned Old Fashioned XO (with rum Zapaca XO, bitter chocolate, sugar and smoked with Habano) or the Papa Doble (based on Zapaca 23, grapefruit, maraschino and sugar), a cocktail in honor of Hemingway, who did not settle for a simple daiquiri and always asked for a double one.

golf in madrid

This house has left us two things clear: the first is that hotels are no longer just to stay, they are to enjoy a gastronomic experience, that can be the same or better than in any other restaurant. And the second thing is that the return to the past, if it is done with taste and talent, is often more surprising than any avant-garde.

This hotel is closed to many courses in Madrid: Golf El Olivar, Centro National de Golf, Retamares, El Robledal, Golf La Herreria, Centro de Tecnificacion, Somosaguas, Palacio Negralejo, Golf Santander, Lomas Bosque, La Dehesa and El Encin.



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golf madrid

Playing golf in Madrid will make you thirsty, that comes along with the high temperatures and all the walking under the sun. But we found the perfect solution for that: Madrid’s third edition of the famous OKTOBERFEST!

From the 22nd to the 25th of June, Madrid will be full of activities and events related to beer. So, if you like golf and beer and want to know more about its interesting culture – apart from drinking it – Madrid is your city.



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play golf madrid

Playing golf in Madrid is always a delight! And even more when you know that after enjoying some time on the golf course you are going to end up sitting in one of the most spectacular terraces of all Europe. We might not have a beach in Madrid but we do know how to have fun, that’s for sure! During the following weeks we will suggest some of the best terraces in all Madrid. Don’t miss them!



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Bourbonn Festival

Are you comming to play golf in Madrid and are looking for something different to do after playing? Want to taste the real Kentuky here in Madrid?

Country music, 100% American cuisine and fun activities will take place in the inspired Kentucky authentic festival: Four Roses Bourbon Fest.

On 17 October BarclayCard Center of Madrid will host the Four Roses Bourbon Fest, a design inspired by the legendary American festival of Kentucky and that will be released for the first time in Spain event.


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