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Play golf in Madrid isn’t the only thing you can do, and after a tournament of golf Madrid, why not continue with the experiences that offers Madrid in the nights?

Then, here comes top 10  amazing restaurants in Madrid City Center that you can visit after a Madrid golf courses, and you should go, to increase the experience of golfing Madrid offers.

  • Platea: It is a meeting point where every detail draws attention. It is excellence and originality. But also it is a perfect place to go with friends or in family. Music, spectacle and night club makes the perfect place to enjoy more the golfing experience. Placed in a theatre in which level a different concept is designed. From a variety of foreign food to a luxury restaurant in the first floor. It is situated in Calle Goya 5-7 (Madrid) and their horary is Monday to Wednesday: 12:00h-00:30h and Thursday to Sunday: 12:00h-2:30h. www.plateamadrid.com
  • Ramses: It has marvellous gastronomic proposal, both healthy and flavourful, using only high-quality, authentic products and original techniques. We also present wines from the world’s major vinicultural regions that are sure to please even the most demanding palate. But also, Its privileged location is the perfect combination of luxury and comfort, offering stunning views of the emblematic Puerta de Alcalá (Madrid). www.ramseslife.com
  • Ten con ten: It is an Multifunctional space which you can enjoy from aperitif to drink, and moreover taste the menu where you will find succulent creations to try and share. It is situated at Calle de Ayala 6 (Madrid) and their horary is from Monday to Saturday: 13:00h-2:00h. www.restaurantetenconten.com 
  • El Ático:It is a luxury restaurant which the known Spanish chef, Ramón Freixa, has make the whole menu. Their products and services are very exclusive and you will only have the possibility to eat on Ático by doing a reservation. On the other hand, if the only thing you want to see the skyline of Madrid Center, it is situated on a terrace in Calle Marqués de Valdeiglesias 1 (Madrid). Their horary is from Monday to Saturday: 20:30h-23:00h and their contact is +34 91 532 94 96. www.restauranteatico.es 
  • Amazónico:  Opens its doors in the summer of 2016 and floods with freshness, aromas and sensations the heart of the Barrio de Salamanca, Madrid. To cross its threshold is to enter the greenery and the exuberance of the Amazon rainforest. The gastronomic proposal is inspired by tropical, Asian and Mediterranean cuisine, with references to Brazilian gastronomy, the country of origin of our chef Sandro Silva. Its different environments allow you to enjoy the restaurant at any time of the day, either with a light lunch, a tapas at the bar, savoring your cocktails or a restful dinner. It is situated in Calle Jorge Juan 20 (Madrid), and their horary is from Monday to Saturday: 13:00h-24:00h. And also, you can contact them at +34 91 515 43 32. www.restauranteamazonico.com 
  • Casa Lobo:It is a traditional multi-sensory renovated kitchen where the respect of the raw material predominates, its empowerment and attention to detail, with a national base enriched with international influences. Modern and precise elaborations with a careful offer of tasty and round desserts are some of the dishes on the menu for lovers of good food. It is located in Calle Torrecilla del Puerto 5 (Madrid), their horary is from Monday to Saturday: 12:00h-2:00h, and their contact is +34 91 201 42 62.www.casalobomadrid.com 
  • La Máquina:It is a classic in Madrid and a significant reference name for the most exclusive suppliers of the different Spanish markets (Galicia, Asturias, Alicante, Huelva and Cádiz). For more information you can visit:http://grupolamaquina.es/to find the most nearly restaurant and their horary is from Monday to Saturday: 20:00h-2:00h. www.grupolamaquina.es
  • Fortuny Restaurant: It is elegant and contemporary at the same time, in addition to always having a very pleasant atmosphere. It is a restaurant with Mediterranean cuisine with a wide variety, highlighting its starters, fish and meat. It has capacity for more than 100 diners and also has two large rooms with capacity for up to fourteen guests. It is located in Calle de Fortuny 4 (Madrid), their horary is from Tuesday to Saturdays: 13:30h-5:00h and their contact is +34 91 319 26 51. www.fortunyrestaurantclub.com 
  • Florida Retiro:It is a restaurant that you can find different floors which offers different services in each one of them. From an elegant restaurant with a traditional food, to a floor in which you can dance and take some cocktails. It is located in Paseo República de Panamá 1 (Madrid), their horary is from Monday to Saturdays: 21:00h-23:00h and their contact is +34 91 827 52 75. www.floridaretiro.com 
  • Tatel Madrid: It is a restaurant created by three internationally known partners, Rafael Nadal, Pau Gasol and Enrique Iglesias, which the menu recovers recipes of marked Spanish tradition and that manages to transmit our gastronomy with a cutting-edge point. Inspired by the Golden Twenties, with a full program of live music, with performances by vocalists, percussionists and a cocktail bar. TATEL is much more than a restaurant. It is a sensory, international and fun experience that brings together the best of Spanish cuisine, the culture of our country and the world of entertainment. Is is situated in Paseo de la Castellana 36 (Madrid), their horary is from Monday to Saturdays: 12:00h-2:30h and their contact is +34 91 171 18 41. www.tatelrestaurants.com

We hope that you really like playing golf in Madrid and don’t forget that you can find more in Madrid.